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"Just because everyone else does it" is never a good reason to do anything, however in terms of the internet and a web presence, if you are not doing it, you could be losing sales every day.

The internet and the World Wide Web has become the very first place many people turn for information, in particular a company or organization's contact details, and they do this ahead of the telephone book or paper based directory.

An effective web site will provide accurate information about your business or organization to your target audience and can often be the make or break point of a person deciding to do business with you.

At Waitomo Creative, we work with our clients to develop sites that are functional, relevant and fast loading. We work together with clients to provide the look and feel that suits the business, then build the site to order. We then continue to work with clients to keep the web sites updated and current.

Our target market is amongst SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and self employed individuals. We know that the budgets for web design are usually modest so we have set our web design rates accordingly.

If you just want cheap website design rates and you are not too concerned about quality then we are probably not the designers you are looking for.

Likewise, if you are looking for a major web design agency, who will provide you with , custom coding, uniquely developed functions and features and you have set aside a large budget for your website development we are are probably not for you either.

We work to produce cost effective websites for small and medium enterprises that are functional, at rates that are reasonable.

Waitomo Creative can provide development and hosting services for you. Please contact us for a quote.



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