Waitomo Creative Services

At Waitomo Creative We believe in working closely with our clients offering a personal service and best solutions to meet their needs. Clients are guided through every stage of the development of their web site and time is taken to explain all the various processes involved.

We offer training in the use of Web tools such as social media and blogs to assist clients to take ownership and control of their web identity and develop confidence to use these tools to the full.

We can also provide informal, on-site IT, email training and computer training and tuition on a one-to-one or small group basis.

If you need help with your email set up and application packages such as Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets, Word Processing, etc. We can do this for you at very low rates.

We can also provide advice on IT equipment purchasing, Internet Services and small business computing requirements.

While our work is mainly around website development and web hosting, we can assist in making the online experience easier for people struggling with modem and router configuration, virus and spyware solutions as well as wireless networking.


We gladly accept Paypal