About Waitomo Creative

Waitomo Creative is the web design arm of Waitomo IT Solutions a cost effective web site design and hosting solutions entity in New Zealand

Chris has been working for several years to provide clients with quality work. As a freelancer working from home, he cuts out the middle man and cuts down the overheads. Thus he is able to provide a quality product at a more affordable price than some larger firms offering similar services.

Chris Lord

Whether is it a single business card webpage or a full website, Chris has a reputation for being patient, helpful and understanding throughout the process of determining your branding and website requirements and actually creating a product that suits your needs. He offers help and guidance with all aspects of the process from the initial enquiry until site launch.

What About The Worm

Waitomo has one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand,. It is world famous for the Waitomo Glowworm Caves and more in particular the New Zealand glowworm; 'arachnocampa luminosa'.

The scientific name Arachnocampa luminosa is an apt descriptor for this cave critter, as loosely translated it means "glowing spider bug." This is a reference to two particular traits: the way that it glows in the dark using the process of bio-luminescence, and the method it uses to capture its prey by using a silk like web.

Despite the name, glowworms are not worms, but the luminescent larvae of a fungus gnat The larvae are brown in colour, but the skin is transparent, allowing the bluish-green light to shine through.

Throughout history glowworms have been thought to have magical powers and have been the inspriration for many creative art works, including many poems, paintings and stories.

Our office is just a few minutes from the caves, so our friendly worm is an ideal icon for our creative web design business.


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