How Much Does A Website Cost?

Every web site is different, which makes it impossible to give a flat price for any particular site. Web developers use different methods to determine the cost for web design. Some include Hourly Rate, Project Price, Package Rates and Per Page Cost.

There are two separate cost elements involved in the creation of a web site. The first is a cost that includes the registration of your domain name and what you pay to rent the Internet space for hosting the site.

The second is what you pay someone to actually create the site for you. Note that the cost of a website is not proportionate to the number of pages required. Developing the standard "look" and the graphics for a single page can take as long as it does for 50 pages. The cost of a website therefore includes the work involved in developing the initial design. This includes the masthead, the structure, the navigation menu, the styling and any additional graphics that may be required. A basic single page website still requires some layout and graphic design. An important aspect of this is the consultation involved in understanding the needs of the client.

There are lots of out of the box packages offered out there. At Waitomo Creative we have decided to bundle some standard packages as a guide. The prices below are offered as a guide and we would need to confirm a quote against your specific needs.

The basic single page site

This site is for the person who recognises the need for a web presence but is not ready to jump into a full website. It is effectively an online business card. The single page can contain some information about who you are and what you do (text and up to 3 photos supplied by you), along with your contact details and an email link. This site could be expanded by a few pages at a later time

The cost for a single page is $450+gst. Additional pages are $80+gst each. Basic Contact form $100+gst. Subsequent edits and changes are charged at $80+gst per hour

Tell us what content you want to include on your website and what domain name you want (www.whatever). *Domain registration and hosting extra.

We will handle...

Four or Five Page (Brochure) WebSite

This site is like the company brochure online where you supply the material and we build the site to reflect your company image. It consists of a home page where you would place introductory information about your business and services, an about page to tell the world about your business and a dedicated page to promote your productes and services. Included in this option is a contact page with all your details and a mail form.

The cost for the online brochure site ranges between is $650 - $800+gst depending on what is required. Additional pages are about $80+gst each. Additional forms start at $100+gst. Subsequent edits and changes are charged at $80+gst per hour.

Costs for a 10 - 15+ page brochure site will invariably require some greater interactivity with the possible inclusion of some image slideshow or embedded video and thus could be in the $1200 - $1500+gst range.

A Content Managed Site

A fully content managed site depending on what is required can range from $1200 - $2500+gst. Costs associated with the setup and implementation of e-commerce tools could be as much again depending on what is required. A consultation is necessary to ascertain your website needs and then a fixed quote can be given.


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